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 Step away from your busy everyday life into a tranquil Maine setting.

Trish Logan Cr. Photog.

Patti Takacs M. Photog.  

Our Vision 

To provide a creative place for photographers, artists, dreamers, and entrepreneurs to gather, share and inspire each other in a freeflowing, caring and respectful atmosphere. We wish to work together to build our community dedicated to help our colleagues learn and thrive doing what they are passionate about.  

Our workshops are designed to feed both your mind and soul by combining bold business strategies with a variety of artistic workshops. By bringing you together with other visionaries, we want to help you reach your personal vision and give you the tools needed to make your dream a reality. We believe that we can all work toward building the life we want to live and remain true to what we value as individuals.  

Together we will DREAM ~ BELIEVE & ACHIEVE!

Meet the Peaceful Residents

Tomhegan is a designated wildlife preserve, designed to protect and nourish it's wildlife. Enjoy taking part in feeding the deer twice daily up close and personal. Bring long apples, corn or carrots to feed the deer right out of your hand.

Photoshop with Ella Carlson

Artist's Statement

I feel it is imperative to appreciate the importance of deeper consideration, and to challenge the idea of absolute truths. In my current work, I photograph the ordinary––those objects often barely noticed. I then disassemble, reassemble, and distort the imagery, investigating hundreds if not thousands of ways in which each of these objects can be manipulated and, therefore, reconsidered. As a result, the photographed object is no longer limited by its definition. No longer an "absolute", the object transcends banality to become the sum of many complex considerations.

About Ella

Ella Putney Carlson is a photographic artist, illustrator and educator. She has a Master of Fine Arts degree in visual art from the New Hampshire Institute of Art. She has also earned the professional photography degrees of Master Photographer, Master Artist, Craftsman, and Certified Professional Photographer from the Professional Photographers of America, and the Educational Associate's Degree from the American Society of Photographers. She has earned multiple Kodak Gallery Awards, Fuji Masterpiece Awards and Courts of Honor awards. 

Carlson's work has been exhibited in a number of museums and galleries including: Danforth Museum, DeCordova Museum, the Wren Gallery, American Society of Photographers exhibit, Artistree Gallery, the Vermont Center for Photography, the New Hampshire Institute of Art, Professional Photographers of American International Exhibit, the Cove Gallery, and the Lowell Arts League Gallery. Her work has been published several times in Professional Photographers magazine and the PPA Loan Books and General Showcase books. Her book, "Fine Art Photoshop" will be published in early 2017.

She has been teaching at the University of Mass, Lowell, since 1999. In addition, she teaches workshops in Photoshop and Corel Painter® for state and regional professional photography groups. She has also taught at New Hampshire Institute of Art, Middlesex Community College and DeCordova Museum.


After a full day of education and creating, why not relax with friends around the outdoor fire pit to hang out and get to know each other better. Enjoy a some mulled cider or a cold drink or two. 

If you'd rather stay cozy inside, why not join one of our fireside chats and share ideas in a loosely guided group discussion on topics from art to business. 

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire. ~ unknown

Jim LaSala

Artist Statement 

Life to me is an infinite photograph, believing that through my imagery I can make a difference. Growing up with two deaf parents, I learned at an early age how to communicate with people using all my senses. My life experiences have given me a unique look at life and people. I impart my feelings and awareness through my photography. 

Getting the big picture, the best way I can describe how I go about photographing, is by being an extended observer of some sorts. I like to study faces and places. What is going through my mind…action, reactions, mood and storytelling, just to mention a few. Using natural light photography affords me the ability to work quickly, but deliberately. My love for people has given me opportunities to use my documentary style photography to share what’s in my heart. I’m a photographer because I have things to say. With just a click of a shutter, I have the power to make a lifelong statement. 

Unlock Your Creavity Workshop

Learn how to unlock your creativity, with journaling & sketching. Take your visions from concepts to reality. Create your own hand made creative journal from fine leathers and aritisan papers.

Go Bohemian!

Hands on Natural Light Workshop

Grab your camera for a hands on natural lighting portrait worshop with a Bohemian Vibe. We'll be rolling out 60s & 70s vintage clothing for our model. 

Learn to understand the light that's available and use it to create stunning outdoor portraits. 

Beat the Chill or Just Chill Out in a Custom Hoodie!

Cooking & Food Photography Workshop 

Jump in on some fun as we prepare our evening meal with guidance from a local chef. Learn some new cooking skills and find out what types of wine and craft beers work with different courses and types of food. Learn the art of food photgraphy. We'll be taking details, action and and plating the final meal to show it off and get some great images. 

Business FUN-damentals Workshop

If business isn't fun, why do it?

The world is full of starving artists. We want more than that for you! Business doesn't have to be boring. Learn how you can approach business creatively. Let us show you Bold Business Stratagies to get you on track. We'll be talking goal setting, branding and the art of creative marketing for entrepeneurs and artists. Get a jump start on your business and start earning what your are really worth!

Why Not Try Some Add Ons for You or a Guest You are Traveling With?




About Our Location

Join us or our (4 Day) creative workshop in Maine's beautiful Moosehead Lake Region. We have chosen Tomhegan Camps for it's beautiful landscapes, wildlife and serene atmosphere. 

This secluded wildlife preserve offers a tranquil place to escape and get your creative juices flowing while interacting with the wildlife that surrounds you. 

Tomhegan Lodge 

We have taken over this beautiful lodge to house our creative community. Cook with us in the fully equipped commercial kitchen and enjoy the large living room/dining room with fieldstone fireplace. Reserve a room to share with friends and take in a lake view from the porch and balconies.

What People Are Saying...

"As a business owner who happens to be a professional photographer, I was loving my client's feedback of being "thrilled" and "LOVING THEM ALL" but disappointed when they came to the studio and ordered four 5x7 prints. After a few conversations with Trish Logan, I decided to meet with her for a full day workshop. She reviewed how I sell, helped me revamp my sales offerings that took me from selling a few 5x7's to an average sale of $900/session (within one week!!!). Trish is not only a talented photographer but a skilled business person who is in tune with the industry and what portrait clients are looking for." ~ Carl C. 

Many photographers create great imagery; few capture raw emotion and unforgettable life moments like the images that come from the vision of Jim LaSala. 

M.Photog, M.Artist, MEI, Cr. Hon.M.Photog. F--ASP, Hon.F-ASP, EA-ASP, Hon.EA-ASP, CPP, Past President, Professional Photographers of America PPA Corel Painter Master Elite, Certified Painter Educator ~ Helen Yancy 

 "Fantastic program. You added many dollars to the bottom line of anyone who heard you and will take action. What you have done in a few short years is nothing short of amazing." ~ Tom F.

Thank you so much for all of the excellent information in your wonderful programs this afternoon. You clearly are passionate about your business and are doing an awesome job at achieving your goals. Thank you again! ~ Russ C.

“We are proud to have Jim as one of our Moab Master Artist/Printer. His work has been published and seen locally, nationally as well as internationally". ~ MARC SCHOTLAND, Moab/Legion Paper VP, MARKETING & GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT

Get to Know Us We're Here to Help!

Trish Logan, Photographic Craftsman

Trish Logan entered the photographic industry in 2010 and has built a vibrant photography business that continues to grow each year by leaps and bounds. She has traveled all over the United States teaching professional photographers about business. She has spoken on at PPA's Imaging USA twice, she has been featured in in PPA* magazine print ads, social media marketing and videos. 

Trish earned her Craftsman Degree from PPA in 2016, she has judged print competitions for PPA Affiliates and completed the PPA Judge's Workshop. Trish recieved a silver medal from PPA in print competition and has been featured in the PPA Showcase Book as well as being published twice in the PPA Loan Collection Books. Some of her other credentials include being Vice Chairman of PPAs Imaging Convention Committee, PPA National Council Member representing the state of Maine, serving five years as a Trustee at the New England Institute of Prof. Photography, Trish is a Past President of Maine PPA, Vice President Professional Photographers of New England and President elect for 2017-2018. She's a member of the PPA Charities Speaker Team and more... 

Trish's greatest passion is helping businesses grow and find financial freedom. 

Patti Takacs, Master Photographer

Patti is a full time destination wedding photographer and the owner of Kivalo Photography based out of Southern Maine. 

She has been published in over 10 national and international blogs and magazines. Her work has donned the cover of Professional Photographers of America's Magazine. Patti has been named Diamond Photographer of the Year by PPA, is the Maine PPA President for 2017-2018 and Represents her state regionally. 

Patti's other programs include: 

Wedding Business 101 

How to Get Published 

How Prepare for Print Competition 





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Being a creative and an entrepreneur can be challenging. We want you to thrive and succeed at what you love. 

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